Guidelines are wiki rules.

The Guidelines

Like most wikis my wiki has rules.

  • No Spamming (Repeating comments over and over again)
  • No giving out personal information and No asking for it (i.e. What street do you live on?)
  • No inappropiate comments or edits
  • No cussing
  • No comments that will offend users
  • Have fun! :D

If You Break A Guideline

If you break guidelines this is what will happen:

First two times: You will receieve a warning.

Third time: You will be blocked for a day.

Fourth time: You will be blocked for a week.

Fifth time: You will be blocked for a month.

Sixth time: You will be block for six months.

Seventh time: You will be blocked for a year.

Eighth time: You will recieve a permanent block.

NOTE: Users will receive a warning before each block.

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